Perth Regional Heritage Fair Awards
Awards 2019
All projects must deal with Canadian historical figures, themes or subjects.
For judging criteria please see the Judging Criteria.
Each participating student will receive a certificate from the Perth Regional Heritage Fair Committee.
Please note: Although the Fair accepts projects done by more than one person, if such a project wins an award only the one person who has been registered as the project presenter will receive the award and any benefit associated with the award. 
No entrant in the 2019 Perth Regional Heritage Fair will receive more than one award.
Provincial Awards
Provincial award winners will be determined before Regional awards are made.
Any student who has won a Provincial Award at a previous Perth Regional Heritage Fair will not be eligible to receive the same award at the 2019 Fair.
At the discretion of the judges the Provincial awards described below may be given.
The Provincial (Ontario Heritage Fairs) awards are:
Best of Fair Award(1)
Best of Fair - Runner Up (1)
Canada's National History Society Awards (2)
Ontario Heritage Fairs Association Founders' Awards (3)
Archives of Ontario Award (1)
Ontario Genealogical Society Award (1)
Ontario Heritage Fairs Association Multicultural Awards (1)
Ontario Historical Society Award (1)
Ontario Historical Society Reading and Remembrance Award (1)
Ontario History and Social Science Teachers Award (1)
Ontario Human Rights Award (1)
Ontario Women's History Network Award (1)
Ontario Library Association Award (1)
First Nations, Metis, Inuit Award (1)


Regional Awards

At the discretion of the judges, awards will be given in each of the following grade levels. At the discretion of the judges, the number of awards in each grade level and between grade levels may be changed to better reflect the number and quality of entries.

Grades 4 and 5 - up to five awards.       
Grade 6 - up to five awards.       
Grade 7 – up to five awards.       
Grade 8 – up to five awards.       
All grades – Best use of local museum/archival resources – one award       
All grades – Best application of local genealogical research – one award.
All grades - Best French project award
Judging Criteria

All students will be entered automatically in the appropriate grade level – 4/5,6,7,8

All projects will be assessed using a standard scoring rubric.