This section of the website shares all of the information needed to complete a Heritage Fairs project for the Perth Regional Heritage Fair. We have project guidelines and requirements, suggested topics, a list of the special awards presented at the fair, and a list of workshops available to students participating in the fair.

Please note that the focus of the Perth Regional Heritage Fair is on topics connected to Canadian heritage. Projects must refer to the historical significance of the topic being presented and are judged in part on their connection to Canadian heritage, the evidence they show of historical research and their use and interpretation of historical source material.

Teachers, please visit the Teacher Resources section at for information on how participation in a school-based Heritage Fair or the Regional Fair it can help you to meet expectations of the Ontario Curriculum. 

Please note that the restrictions that apply to the provincial fairs regarding age of participants and number of students presenting (1 student per project) also apply to the regional fairs as well.

If you require more information regarding any aspect of the Perth Regional Heritage Fair, please contact us by phone (613 267-1716)